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Contemporary Artist

Fabio Mercante
an Italian artist from the city of Vicenza, his art is inspired by his love for beauty, design, and nature, thus creating some magnificent sculptures and paintings, with the use of diverse materials and textures.

With silicone he has found a way to bring to life different forms, where the absurd becomes real and this reality completes your senses.

His art pieces are a mix of influences using the strength of Pablo Picasso, along with the vibrant colors of Pop Art, the toughness of African Art and the essence of natural elements such as the beautiful colors of the sunset…

Fabio is passionate about his art, his sculptures and every inch of his being is literally poured into each individual piece… the colors are vivid and spectacular! Blue has fabulous shapes that combines graciously with silicone. The transparency and colors reminds you of the fine art created by the Murano glass.

Your senses will be touched by The artistic silicone pots which will astonish you as you feel and see them. The flexible structures will surprise you, the viewer. Not only are they beautiful, they are also functional.

The Pots are bold, rich with a distinct personality, they will be hard to miss, in addition to the fact that each piece is unique and no two are alike!

Fabio has taken silicone sculpting to a new and untouched sight.

Fabio Mercante, Contemporary Artist


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Fabio Mercante, Contemporary Artist


For more information please don’t hesitate to send a message or reach out on my social media.

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